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Course Overview

In this course, you'll learn the Fundamentals of SwiftUI & Build a Real-Time Chat App. You'll further learn strong best practices, integrating Firebase, and more.

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SwiftUI Fundamentals
SwiftUI Fundamentals

Learn proper View & Data Design Patterns for professional Apps built with SwiftUI. Everything from ViewBuilders to Bindings is covered in depth.

SwiftUI Real-Time Chat
Real-Time Chat

Build a full real-time chat app with Sign In/Account Support, Conversations, Messaging, Search, and much more.

SwiftUI Foundations
Firebase Backend

Integrate Firebase as the backend for storing conversations & messages in Firestore. Further use Firebase for Authentication support.

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Afraz Siddiqui

I'm Afraz, Your Instructor

I've been develop iOS apps for 10+ years now & have had the privilege of working on apps with hundreds of millions of users at companies like Microsoft & Capital One.

I run iOS Academy on YouTube, contribute to Open Source, & have over 100 apps on the App Store. Many of my apps have reached/sit on the top charts.

My approach to teaching/coding in general is Practice Makes Perfect. You'll find my courses strive to strike a balance of fun engagement and repetition to master fundamentals and core conepts.

Want to learn more about my work? Feel free to connect on LinkedIn, YouTube, or my Personal Website